Wednesday, December 15, 2010

El día de Nuestra Virgen Santa María de Guadalupe

 Even though the Patron Saint of Oaxaca is Nuestra Señora de Soledad, the de facto Patron Saint of México is Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, and the festivities in her honor that we experienced, were over-the-top amazing, and neither pictures nor words can do it justice.  Nevertheless, here are some pictures of our walk to the Guadalupe Church, which is next to the huge Llano Park (Parque El Llano-Paseo Juarez), where the action went on in full force for a few days!  (We'll have more about Soledad after her festival.

Guadalupe and Juan Diego,, dressed for the occasion.

We walk through the Arches of Xochimilco

Los Architos de Xochimilco, stone arches  supporting aqueducts built during the 18th century and used to  carry water into Oaxaca City until early 1941.  The remaining arches run for approximately 300 meters along a narrow cobbled lane that passes alongside them and goes to the old barrio of Xochimilco.  The walls are cobbled in green-quarry stone and the arches are made of boiled clay bricks.
Juan Diego with women of Juchitán celebrating Guadalupe.

More Juchitecas ready for the procession.

Second place winner of the dangerous fireworks contraption contest.

Here's the first place winner. It revolves rapidly due to the force of the fireworks and spays everyone with sparks, if they're lucky.  Note the line, at least a 100 yards long, of people in the background who are waiting to enter the already packed to the brim Church.

Now on to the fiesta in the Llano Park.

Plenty of food for everyone.

Practice makes perfect for later action on the streets.

Always fun activities for the little ones, but how do they breathe in these bubbles?

And even for the not so little ones.

And pictures of the little Juan Diegos (note the mustache) in fromt of the "real" McCoys.

Dinner, at last, en casa!

This was at night, so photo ops were limited, but we hope you get the idea.

Stay tuned.  More to follow.